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About Us

Progressive Clergy of Georgia is an interfaith network of clergy from several different faith traditions around the state. As a group, we are committed to speaking with a unified voice on the following issues:

Equity: There is a sad history of institutionalized oppression in many religious traditions. Progressive Clergy of Georgia makes the consistent stand that all people – regardless of their economic status, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation – should enjoy equal freedom under the law and equal voice in their communities of faith. In this area, PCG supports any civil actions which promote this kind of equality, including the recognition of same-sex marriages, the prosecution of hate crimes, and the withholding of public funds from organizations which discriminate against women, ethnic minorities or sexual minorities. This is a theological stance. By offering their names in support of these issues, members of PCG make the explicit statement that they affirm women, ethnic minorities, and sexual minorities as whole and healthy, and that they are in no way subordinate to, separate from, or unequal to any other person.

Separation of Church and State: It is a rare privilege to live in a nation that was not founded on the beliefs of a certain sect or religion. Progressive Clergy of Georgia works to remind the public that the United States of America is not and never has been a “Christian” nation; and any attempt to make it one violates the United States Constitution. Consequently, PCG opposes the preferential treatment of any religious group, the use of government money for religious purposes, the teaching of religious beliefs in public schools, and any attempt to erode the profound freedom and diversity which is part of our American heritage.

Reproductive Freedom: Any time a civil government attempts to control or limit an individual’s right to reproductive freedom, that government is guilty of oppression. Progressive Clergy of Georgia takes the position that there is no valid argument in civil law for limiting access to all of the options available to people making these life-changing decisions. Along this vein, PCG supports sex education in public schools, the use of public funds to provide access to contraception, and the protection of a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion.